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August 3, 2015
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The game that measures just how intimate you might be as a leader.

I’m your host, Helanie Scott, and I say “might be as a leader,” because Intimacy Bingo is not a scientific instrument. It’s Bingo. Okay, it’s not science. It’s not really Bingo, but you play it very much like Bingo. Best of all, when you win, you can yell, “Bingo!”

Let’s begin!

Everything you need to play Intimacy Bingo you’ll find the in Intimacy Bingo Kit. Download it, read the instructions, and print out the cards, a Question List, and one set of Instructions.

Here I will copy the Instructions, one card, and one Question List to introduce you to the game.


1. Gather at least six players.

2. Print and distribute one Intimacy Bingo card to each player. Print one Question List.

3. In the far left column of their Intimacy Bingo Card, each player lists the names of five others in the room in any order. Managers must include all direct reports in the room, if they have as many, before listing others.

intimacy bingo card

Sample Intimacy Bingo Card

4. The first player takes the Question List, chooses a letter-number combination at random, and reads the question across from that combination. For example, if the player chooses N-13, they ask the rest of the group the N-13 question, “Who is my most significant role model?”

intimacy bingo questions

Intimacy Bingo Question List

5. Now each player has to name the most significant role model for the person they have listed in the row where N-13 appear. For example, holder of the card above would have to name Joel Wray’s most significant role model.

All players will have an N-13 on their card and must answer as well. Only those who answer correctly get to mark off their square. Naturally the subject of the question, Joel Wray and the others named, decide whether or not the answers are correct.

6. Play continues as the first player marks off the question they asked and passes the Question List to the next player.

7. The rest of the game works like Bingo. Whoever covers a row, column, or diagonal calls out, “Bingo!” and wins.

Help Make Intimacy Bingo Better

We’ve started you off with 25 questions, but you may have more. As you play, you’ll find ways to improve the game and come up with questions that work better. When you do, let us know. Use the comment feature at the bottom of this page. We may add your questions in future edition updates, with your permission, of course.

Download your Intimacy Bingo Kit now and introduce your team to Leadership Intimacy the fun way!

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