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Help all your leaders manage their time more effectively.

Yes! I want to help my leaders grow.


Employees tell us their days are often hijacked by unplanned events, interruptions, crises — taking away from other high-value tasks. Does this sound familiar? In a world of increasing demand and diminishing resources, people are working more hours, spending more time outside work dealing with the always-on digital world, and taking less time to reflect, renew and prioritize. As a result, they’re increasingly exhausted, overwhelmed, disengaged, and in need of work/life balance.

This half-day workshop shares best practices to help you achieve more personal and professional success through learning how to allocate your time for success.

In this workshop, your leaders will:

  • Understand the 4Ps of Personal Effectiveness Model: Performance, Purpose, Priority, & Productivity
  • Understand their ‘why’ for peak performance and personal and professional achievement
  • Learn how to manage available resources and how to allocate time effectively to live and work deliberately according to how they define success
  • Clarify meaningful objectives and prioritize strategic next actions to get the most important things done
  • Manage interruptions, develop and commit to a list of habits that will help them work effectively and efficiently, while monitoring and celebrating progress. Really living the life they want!


I realized I can do anything, but not everything. Great set of tools.
I will certainly take the 66-day challenge!

It has already had an impact, by simply doing the time audit as part of the pre-work.

I achieved a positive side effect by listing all my activities – when I got home I felt a sense of progress.It felt good. (This will be my new habit)


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