We should invest in people not ideas. A good idea is often destroyed by bad people and good people can make a bad idea better.

Simon Sinek

Leadership Programs

CoachQuest: Leader-as-Coach

Learn the competency of leader-as-coach to drive High Commitment and High Performance. Be an intentional, intimate, and an interactive coach who practices coaching as an iterative process. You will have the enhanced skills to coach in four directions: up, down, sideways and across the organization.

Leadership Attraction Powers

We boldly assert that unless you are self-aware, responsible, and accountable for your natural Attraction Powers and your innate Repellent Forces, you will inconsistently demonstrate the competencies, communication practices, and collaboration mandates of your organization.

Effective Meeting Management and Facilitation Skills

Meetings are the biggest controllable cost in any organization. We provide you with a simple and easy-to-follow process for improving the efficiency of meetings—tactical and strategic, in-person and virtual.

Providing Essential Performance Feedback

Providing frequent and effective feedback is a requirement for advancing high performance and engagement of employees. As leaders we must improve the feedback experience to make giving and receiving feedback less stressful for everyone.

Doing Business Globally

Companies are struggling with getting people from different cultures to work together, taking advantage of the best qualities of every culture to achieve exceptional business results. This workshop is a study of Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Motivating Employees

What drives our behavior at work and in life? As a leader, you are expected to foster a culture of intrinsic motivation by focusing on the actions you take to spark motivation and bring out the best in your team.

Engaging Teams

Employee Engagement is high on every organization’s agenda, and as a manager you are expected to increase your employees’ commitment and willingness to apply discretionary effort to drive business results.

High Performing Teams

In any organization, productive work is accomplished by teams of people. These teams can serve as the critical asset that ensures exceptional success or a serious liability to business performance.

Coaching & Consulting

Human Capital support wherever you need it

We coach senior leaders, mid-level managers, and supervisor groups. Intact teams, cross-functional teams, high potentials, and emerging leaders. Our programs are delivered by our trainers or yours (we train the trainers) in half-day or multi-day, our venue or yours, face-to-face or mobile, locally or globally.

Reality Coaching

How do leaders improve when they barely have time to lead?

Reality Coaching effectively transforms executives and leaders in four critical focus areas of excellence: Self, Team, Peer, and Manager Coaching. Our performance-management solutions quickly and effectively help leaders make a bold impact and achieve quick wins, fast. Powered by individual, intimate, real and intense, face-to-face and virtual coaching.


Want to inspire, align, motivate, or educate your audience at a conference, meeting or retreat?

Helanie Scott Delivers!
Powerful and thought-provoking leadership learning and development presentations pump up your audience large or small. They will laugh, learn, and identify deeply with relevant content and memorable stories.

Content Curation

The Leadership Training You Want, the Way You Want It

Our ability to listen and align to your needs as well as our creative and sturdy content development expertise will make training memorable and applicable.
Who All levels of leadership, enterprise-wide
How Start from scratch or refresh. Use our trainers or yours, our content or yours, in your choice
of platforms—classroom, e-learning or blended.
Why Dart-like focus on aligning developmental objectives and outcomes to your strategic priorities – Keep pace with business requirements and changes in leadership models

Mobilize Employees

Performance Activation Cloud Platform with Mobile Application

• Scale. Everyone, everywhere, around the same time
• Speed. Adoption across the enterprise, quickly
• Simplicity. Micro-behaviors integrated as you work
• Sustainability. Habit-formation socialized & celebrated
• Smarts. Just-in-time data and responsive decisions
• Savings. Demonstrated impact on the bottom-line