Four Leadership Development Solutions


Content Curation

Our quick-turnaround curricula are expertly aligned to your strategic priorities and tactical requirements. We conceptualize, design, and deliver custom-built materials, presentations, participant and trainer tools, pre- and post-workshop guides, and more. Each will bring you accolades from participants and success for your organization.

Leadership Programs

We offer a selection of half-day workshops, one- and multi-day programs, from highly customized to off-the-shelf, delivered in instructor-led virtual or face-to-face experiences, and online formats. All programs include best-practice research and ongoing support to ensure accountability. Trainer certification available.


Coaching & Consulting

Our coaching transforms leaders in four areas of excellence: self-management, team effectiveness, enhanced peer collaboration, and achievement of organizational goals. We consult in all aspects of organization-specific, human-capital development to help you make a bold impact and to realize wins, fast.

Mobilize Employees Icon

Mobilize Employees

Mobilize takes virtual learning to the next level with our custom-designed online modules to help you build leadership competence unique to you, set standards distinct in your environment, foster disciplines relevant to your vision and strategy, and share your best-practices enterprise-wide. No generic lessons, rather totally aligned leadership development to sustain your competitive advantage.

What Makes Us Different

To help you achieve High Commitment plus High Performance


Build Leadership Capabilities

When your leaders are self-aware, responsible and accountable for expressing their natural Attraction Powers, and know how to manage their innate Repellent Forces, they will only then consistently execute your organization’s leadership competencies,coaching practices, and performance management mandates.


Understand How I Naturally Lead

The Leadership Attraction Profile identifies how you underuse, overuse, or appropriately use your six innate Leadership Attraction Powers. It also spots gaps between how you and others perceive you. The results will help you compare yourself to great leaders and choose the levels of expression you need to adjust in order to improve the way you lead.

Develop Leaders-as-Coaches

If poor coaching is restricting the potential of your people and compromising performance, let us help your managers coach better. Effective coaching will sharpen a culture of High Commitment and realize results of High Performance, creating a workplace where everyone profits—leaders, employees, even customers.

Get My Team Better Aligned

By converting your teams from clunkity-clunk jalopies to well aligned, high performing, and engaged teams, you too can achieve measurable results of 300% improvement in teamwork. In any organization, productive work is accomplished by teams of people and can serve as the critical asset to business performance.

Don’t take our word for it.
Read what our clients have to say:

  • Helanie, and her company, deliver some of the best communications and interpersonal behavior training and coaching I’ve had the opportunity to see in over 20 years of military and civilian leadership. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Helanie to continue providing me with innovative training and coaching solutions.
    Chief Security Officer at Providence Health & Services
  • Working in corporate environments and one-on-one with executive leaders, Helanie’s coaching and guidance have proved successful for many of the women she has met through the years, including myself being recently appointed as Managing Director. Helanie has made a positive impact on the professional advancement of women. She believes the ‘glass ceiling’ still exists and is determined to help women break it.
    Managing Director OPI
  • As a workshop leader for us Helanie received rave reviews and created a buzz that generated numerous follow up requests to share her expertise and enthusiasm with our leader’s employee teams. By presenting her insights on coaching methodologies and courageous communication she opened the door to a new way of looking at things for our leaders. Helanie is solid at capturing the audience with entertaining and actionable messaging, she inspired our leadership team to continue their focus on leading a high performance culture. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to continue leveraging her talent to drive positive leadership behavior in our organization.

    HR Director at Ericsson
  • It gives you an adequate toolbox to reach into for the appropriate times, for the appropriate situations.
    Sara Carrol
  • Align4Profit provided us with an easy-to-follow model for coaching our teams and improving performance levels, to the extent that, the Hilton Hotels call center received an excellence award from JD Powers and Associates. The training at Align4Profit provides the biggest bang for your buck in the way of culture and results!
    John Graham,Senior Director, Member Services
    Hilton Reservation and Customer Care
  • Helanie Scott has delivered Leadership Consulting and Coaching to our Leadership Team during 2010 and 2011. The quality has been excellent, the intensity high and I believe this will have a long lasting value for all individuals in the team. Personally I have enjoyed the individual coaching sessions the most. I consider myself an experienced leader, but it is very difficult to reach the proper insights on your own and Helanie’s expertise and seniority has really made me reconsider some of my assumptions. Hopefully this has lead to me becoming a better leaderless.
    Hans Sjögren
    Head of Business Operations & Innovation at Ericsson
  • Simply put, attending Helanie Scott’s CoachQuest Leadership Workshop was a gift. I can’t even begin to sum up in words everything I experienced, but can say that through the techniques and practices I was taught, I now feel as if I am on a continued journey in self-awareness in terms of both my professional and personal life. I truly feel that the leadership intimacy skills I was taught will make me a better person in so many ways.
    Tali Faris-Hylen
    Partner at Ripple Public Relations
  • Helanie is unrivaled to any other coach that I have had the chance to work with throughout my career. She has a unique talent to zoom in on important development areas, bring clarity to issues, adding new perspectives and not the least offer pragmatic and creative proposals for how to tackle various challenges.
    Peter Michelson
    VP Business Innovation, Ericsson Inc.
  • If your company or organization is looking for a way to jumpstart productivity or to revitalize the flow of communication and wonderful ideas, then you must absolutely work with Helanie. CoachQuest has such a tremendous amount of information to share with the world and Helanie is an absolutely perfect fit to deliver it! She is a delight to work with.
    Michael Thomas
    Executive Director at My Possibilities
  • It really has been something that I feel I can benefit from both personally and professionally.
    Phil van Beek
  • I would highly recommend CoachQuest for any organization looking to improve their culture and leadership.
    Steve Bunger
    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Mini, Inc.
  • Passion, fun, and you own it. You own your success.
    Lynn Thibodeaux
  • Helanie’s passion for helping her clients find solutions to taking their companies to the next level is highly commendable. She’s a conceptual thinker whose creative/out of the box approach is very applicable and unique to each clients specific needs. She doesn’t take a one size fits all approach to working with you. Her professional intergity is an A+.
    John Delley
    Director of Sales at TWL Studios