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Role-model team habits to uplift — empower everyone to succeed

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


Leaders are faced with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) on a daily basis. Fighting one fire after another and reacting to each new crisis can drain your organization’s emotional capital and over time stymie productivity. The right combination of strategic leadership, tactical execution and trust among team members is the key to building a more sustainable and engaged team.

The High-Performing Team one-day program will start with preparation by completing a few assessments and close with commitments for the team to ‘Get Moving’ — committing to demonstrate effective habits, individually and collectively, empowering everyone to succeed.

Your team will follow a learning path of four conversations:

  • Get it Done — contributing real value as a team
  • Get Along — demonstrating shared leadership with high trust
  • Get Better — focusing on strategic leadership
  • Get Home — maintaining resilience to give one’s best while maintaining work/life balance

I’ve worked with Helanie for several years now at Providence. She has genuinely helped my core team become a “high performing team.” Helanie uses a variety of inventive tools to aid in the diagnosis of team-related issues — and draws from a deep well of expertise in organizational behavior to plan appropriate solutions. I’ve enjoyed working closely with Helanie to plan the team improvement work. She is classy, high-energy, and tough enough to ask the hard questions and not fill every silence. She is not easily intimidated (a quality that comes in handy every day). She easily observes our issues/difficulties and patiently waits for the right moment to act. I recommend Helanie to any organization looking to improve its team dynamics, become a high-performance team, or merely help people relate to each other more effectively.
—Stacy Steck MBA, Program Leadership, Public Sector, Healthcare

Great facilitation to tease out the team issues.

I think it was exceedingly valuable that you were able to help us change course for the team.

It was fruitful to have trained professionals facilitate topics of division or a sensitive matter. We got to good follow up actions.


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