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Are your leaders making the most of the diversity in your workplace?

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


Minimizing gender, cultural and other biases while embracing diverse thinking will bring out the best in every employee. We equip participants with the skills necessary to manage the cultural environment, where everyone understands unconscious thinking, owns the responsibility to work on it, and learns to adapt their behavior accordingly.

In this half-day workshop, participants experience a visceral understanding of how bias impacts decision making, talent decisions, and business outcomes.

Your leaders will:

  • Raise awareness about diversity and inclusion. Everyone understands its value.
  • Gain insights on biases and how this affects behavior, actions and decision making
  • Learn Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and how to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Understand gender differences and the impact in the workplace
  • Learn to adapt behaviors for greater collaboration
  • Commit to work on embracing diverse thinking and adapting behavior


You opened my eyes! I am going to be a better parent, better manager, and better person.


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