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Bring out the best qualities of all the cultures in your workplace

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Companies around the world struggle with getting people from different cultures to work together and take advantage of the best qualities of every culture to achieve exceptional business results. Research supports that diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative, engaged, and creative.

This half-day workshop will enable your leaders to choose effective strategies for working with a wide variety of cultures. They will increase their effectiveness in business, develop a broad view of cultures, build alertness of differences, and learn how to leverage that awareness into managing cross-cultural teams effectively.

Your leaders will:

  • Understand Cultural Intelligence and its value in an increasingly connected world:
    1. Increase awareness and interest in always learning more about cultural differences
    2. Avoid imposing single-culture-based approaches on multicultural situations
    3. Assimilate the strengths of different perspectives
    4. Adapt their behavior while remaining their genuine self
  • Learn about the challenges of working in diverse cultures and how to manage cultural conflict
  • Participate in case scenarios to address four challenges of managing cross-cultural teams effectively:
    1. Direct versus indirect communication
    2. Trouble with accents and fluency
    3. Differing attitudes toward hierarchy and authority
    4. Conflicting norms for decision making


We are better able to discuss cultural differences and adapt our leadership style accordingly. This is a great way to learn more about doing business globally.


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