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Arm your leaders with the key to great management

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


Your managers’ main job is getting work done through others. Excelling at that responsibility relies on the quality of the relationships they build, which is largely driven by the quality of the daily interactions and conversations they have.

In this two-day program we help your leaders with 4 distinct communication skills: Bring it Up! Talk it Up! Wrap it Up! and Follow it Up! Obviously Listen Up! is vital to every leaders success. We help your leaders execute well on the 4 Ups! by taking ownership of how their personality guides their conversations and help them learn ways to adapt appropriately to every conversation situation.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand how their personality attracts and repels effective communication
  • Bring it Up! Learn how to courageously share intent of conversations and introduce any topic into any conversation
  • Talk it Up! Be proficient in candidly sharing and accepting input, how to fuse views, and engage agreement
  • Wrap it Up! Know how to clearly gain heartfelt, mutual commitment to clear actions
  • Follow it Up! Commit to conscientiously ensure follow-through and progress
  • Collaborate on case scenarios specific to their own situations
  • Learn to build conversation habits


Even in the mid-day break of the first day, I was better able to handle a client conversation. This works!

I feel like I can now navigate any difficult conversation with much more ease.


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