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Are all your leaders always making the best possible decisions?

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


Collaborative decision making is just what it sounds like. Teams gather, provide feedback, share insights, and make an agreed upon decision. Groupthink and other biases do not prevent effective collaboration. Great teams know how to use a consistent framework to make evidenced-based decisions in a world of ambiguity.

Are your leaders helping management teams develop the skills and behaviors necessary to make and execute decisions quickly and well?

This half-day workshop equips leadership teams with the process to arrive at the best, balanced, collaborative choice and help leaders take unified action on decisions.

Your leaders will:

  • Review the business need for superior decision making
  • Understand the role emotion and bias play in decision making
  • Learn the 4 Components of the Collaborative Decision-Analysis Model and apply to real-life case studies:
    1. Defining the Decision Statement – Create an unambiguous statement of intent
    2. Identifying Decision Criteria – Build agreement on critical decision criteria
    3. Designing Alternatives – Facilitate objective discussion and agree on alternatives
    4. Comparing Alternatives – Capture collective evaluation on one page
  • Arrive at the best, balanced, collaborative choice and adopt a set of actions and questions to enhance leadership decision-making capabilities
  • Collaborate on a case study


We finally have a process to ‘get on the same page’ and make better decisions. Thank you, we are having much more productive team decision discussions.


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