Ericsson On-the-Go Trainer’s Campus

Ericsson On-the-Go Trainer’s Campus

Welcome to the Ericsson Trainer’s Campus of centralized, global content on leadership and team topics that focus on application and skill-building. The purpose of the campus is to provide trainers with the most up-to-date materials related to facilitating any Leadership On-the-Go module, any place in the world. The Leadership On-the-Go content is designed to transform “Leadership Boost” towards a networked society and includes the latest research and best-practice models to drive leadership success.

Objectives of Leadership On-the-Go
  1. Provide additional opportunities to learn outside of the formal Leadership & Executive Development programs for:
    a. Managers who want to develop further or refresh and refocus on expected competencies
    b. In-tact teams who want to develop and be motivated to perform at their best
    c. Cross-functional teams who want to build better collaboration and trust
  2. Link development to an overall Leadership Career Development strategy & roadmap
  3. Offer a larger selection of targeted and quality content to address the most common leadership/team situations at Ericsson
  4. Contain centralized, Ericsson approved, content for consistent, low cost, Global delivery
Objectives of Trainer’s Campus
  1. Access all the most up-to-date materials (access site quarterly for updated materials)
  2. Prepare and customize Agile content to fit the specific needs (Business/audience/learners)
  3. Facilitate modules using a variety of adult learning practices
  4. Use the Align4Profit Trainer’s Forum to share advice and solve training issues with other trainer
How to Use the Trainer’s Campus

Select the topic from the Trainer’s Campus column at right. The link will take you to all the materials necessary to facilitate a module.

Each module includes:

Participant pre-work material, templates, videos

Workshop Content
Check-in and introduction exercises, models, skill-building and application exercises, and/or case studies

Workshop Material
Facilitator Guide, Presentation Slides, Participant Workbook / Tools, Video links, and other materials