Better 1:1 Questions to spark the motivation of Autonomy
April 1, 2019
Better 1:1 Questions on Purpose
April 29, 2019

Your leaders can improve their questioning process by improving their observations during the questioning conversation with three kinds of follow-up questions after each initial question. Queries that examine, clarify, and apply reason to the initial responses. The simplest follow-up can be one word — Why? Or an invitation to, “Tell me more” or “How do you mean?”

Now that we’ve looked at the Questions on Relatedness and Autonomy, let’s consider questions that focus on the third facet of the RAMPP model — Mastery.

ramppEvery leader and employee wants to improve to (and beyond) the point of what they consider Mastery — the sense and conviction that they are achieving skills and attaining goals that matter to them, their career, their team, and to the organization. We all like getting a little better each day, don’t we?

The questions, below, will help your leaders explore just how their employees feel about their achievements and the importance and meaning of their accomplishments. Armed with this information, your leaders and their direct reports can help each employee attain and maintain an honest sense of Mastery.

Questions that address Mastery

  1. What are your major strengths?
  2. What really satisfying accomplishments have you accomplished here?
  3. What kind of accomplishments do you still hope to achieve here?
  4. How are your personal achievements helping you meet the goals of your team?
  5. What personal development opportunity is top of mind for you this week?
  6. What did you learn this week?
  7. What part of your work could you do a little better or faster?
  8. What do we do here that you would like to learn more about?
  9. In which areas would like to receive additional training?
  10. Since you have come to work here, which of your personal career goals have you achieved?
  11. What are you doing here that you feel is moving you toward your career goals?
  12. What have you done that has not received the attention and recognition it deserves?

There’s more help with questioning in Motivate your team by helping them with Mastery and The ROI of Better Conversations.

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Helanie Scott
Helanie Scott
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