Better 1:1 Questions to spark the motivation of Autonomy

The Power of 1:1 Conversations
March 18, 2019
Better 1:1 Questions on Mastery
April 17, 2019

As I explain in How to Ask Intimate Questions, when you pose sincere questions that address specific issues of concern to your employees, you demonstrate your interest and concern for their professional success and well-being.

I remind you that your leaders will look like rock stars when they really listen to responses after they ask great questions.

Now that we’ve looked at the The Power of 1:1 Conversation Questions on Relatedness, let’s consider questions that focus on the second facet of the RAMPP model — Autonomy. Studies have shown that autonomy brings increased productivity. In Taiwan a study surveyed 1,380 staff members from 230 community health centers. The more autonomy employees had, the more satisfied they were with their jobs and the less likely they were to transfer or leave their positions.

ramppAs the illustration explains, Autonomy has to do with empowering employees to make decisions, accept responsibility for their choices, and to act on those choices. The following questions will help you explore just how empowered your employees feel and help both of you make adjustments that will increase an employee’s sense of Autonomy.

Questions that address Autonomy

  1. If you had a choice, what task would you like more time with?
  2. Do you feel you have enough control over the way you do your work?
  3. To what degree do you feel you are in control of your daily activities here?
  4. Where or in which situations do you feel most in control of your performance? (Least?)
  5. If you could take on any task, what would it be?
  6. Who would you select to work with more often on tasks?
  7. Are you making the kinds of decisions that challenge you?
  8. How much interference do you experience in your decision making?
  9. Do you feel your decisions are respected and followed?
  10. How comfortable are you with the responsibilities currently on your plate?
  11. What additional responsibilities would you like to take on?

Your leaders may also get some good questioning guidance from Motivate your team by giving them Autonomy and The ROI of Better Conversations.

Of course, if you really want to help your managers put these practical questions into practice, consider having them attend our next Compelling Conversations workshop. Let’s Talk!

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Helanie Scott
Helanie Scott
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