Are your leaders embracing the diverse work styles on their teams?

Create an inclusive corporate culture through Leadership Intimacy
January 31, 2018
Develop an Inclusive Organizational Culture
February 2, 2018

Diversity goes beyond race and gender.
It also includes thinking, learning, and communication styles. More importantly, your managers are charged to create an organizational culture where differences are embraced, so that everyone can bring their best to their jobs and managers leverage all types to remain competitive in the global marketplace.
Consider the 4 diverse work styles described by Carson Tate. They ensure that you’ll have people focusing on both the big picture and the details, both ideas and execution, both purpose and profits.

  1. Prioritizers focus on goals, deadlines, and facts.
  2. Planners ask how the project will be delivered and completed.
  3. Arrangers want to know who the stakeholders are and who else should be involved.
  4. Visualizers consider why the project matters and what the end of the project will look like.

The challenge we face in creating inclusion is not that these styles exist, rather that we be more accepting of styles that are different from our own. Rather than criticize a different viewpoint, managers must know how to gain valuable perspectives from the different styles.

Here are 4 ways to embrace differences:

  1. Know your own style and work on being a bit more agile and flexible as the situation requires.
  2. Identify the various styles within each member of your team.
  3. Look for the value or positives that each style brings.
  4. Remember to see team members as they are in each individual situation without putting them into a box — only expecting them to behave in one style.

Our Embracing Diversity Workshops help participants select from 13 Inclusive Commitments, and we show your leaders ways to track implementation of commitments to bring sustainable behavior change.

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Helanie Scott
Helanie Scott
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