effective meeting management
Ugh! Another dreaded meeting to attend!
January 21, 2018
bring it up
Bring it Up!
January 23, 2018
effective meeting management

We love to hate meetings.
But since they aren’t going away any time soon, we should think of ways to make them more effective. It can be challenging to keep a team motivated and focused on doing the agreed-upon tasks once a meeting ended. Hopefully your leaders are already bringing meetings to a close with clear agreement on specific actions and completion dates, but that may not secure real follow-up.

Here are 4 strategies to ensure effective meeting follow-up:

  1. Assign someone to track and follow up on action items between meetings or do so yourself.
  2. Set a target and keep a running tally of completion rates.
  3. Ask people to proactively communicate if they realize they won’t be able to deliver on an action item.
  4. Be prepared to have an open and candid conversation with team members who continually drop the ball.

If you want to hone the skills necessary to manage and facilitate effective meetings, register your managers for our workshop. Our Effective Meeting Management and Facilitation Workshop is packed with practical advice, customizable templates and checklists, that will help your managers stay focused and productive from start to finish and leave each meeting ready to take action.

Can you afford not to help your managers develop a cadence around meeting effectiveness?

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Helanie Scott
Helanie Scott
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