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Advance the leader-as-coach skills of your leaders

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CoachQuest is our award-winning program for multiple years as recognized by the LEAD2018 award under the Top Leadership Partner category by HR.com. Hilton HHonors received a Stevie award for best call center partially based on the CoachQuest coaching model.

Being a good manager means you can coach well. Facebook says it’s impossible to get anything done unless you have the ability to influence and inspire people. At Google their first leadership rule is “Be a Good Coach,” and many other companies recognize coaching as the 21st century manager skill as a potent development force to excel in. The statistics support the positive outcomes of coaching as well: 96% of organizations saw individual performances improve after introducing coaching1, 60% saw productivity improve, and 53% realized greater employee satisfaction2.

So the question is not “Should our managers become better coaches?” rather “How do we develop coaching skills in the best sustainable way?”

We call CoachQuest a quest, because it engages learners in an ongoing cycle of learning and improvement with a profound impact on leadership. In this two-day blended-learning program, we develop leaders-as-coaches to be intentional, intimate, highly interactive and to help managers practice coaching as an iterative process. Your leaders will have the enhanced skills to coach in four directions: up, down, sideways, and across the organization.

The program is highly customized with extensive pre and post activities supported with a one-year subscription of sustainable tools.

We share these time-tested, hands-on, results-driven tools to help your leaders hone their coaching skills in the most sustainable way.

Sources: 1. De Meuse and Dai (2009), 2. Anderson (2001)

Your leaders will:

  • Be intentional about the workplace experience they create and know how they add value through coaching.
  • Be intimate and better understand themselves and others to adapt their style to influence superior results.
  • Be involved and involve others to drive higher levels of empowerment, accountability, and engagement.
  • Be iterative and impact the quality and quantity of coaching by integrating feedback into daily activities.


I’m blown away by how infectious Helanie’s enthusiasm and “point-on” professionalism is. She is able to create team actions and help us build our leadership highway, giving us critical skills to execute and excel. We are well on our way to building a very agile, solid leadership team.
—Barry Carter, Chief Information Officer, RealPage, Inc.

Align4Profit provided us with an easy-to-follow model for coaching our teams and improving performance levels, to the extent that, the Hilton Hotels call center received an excellence award from JD Powers and Associates. The training at Align4Profit provides the biggest bang for your buck in the way of culture and results!
—John Graham, Senior Director, Member Services, Hilton Reservation and Customer Care

I would highly recommend CoachQuest for any organization looking to improve their culture and leadership.
—Steve Bunger, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Mobile Mini, Inc.

As a workshop leader for us Helanie received rave reviews and created a buzz that generated numerous follow up requests to share her expertise and enthusiasm with our leader’s employee teams. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to continue leveraging her talent to drive positive leadership behavior in our organization.
—Deborah Sanders, HR Director at Ericsson

If you want to see a remarkable impact on culture and leadership I would recommend the creative ideas and practical tools in CoachQuest to help leaders and organizations grow. Helanie’s coaching methodology is a cut above the rest helping managers become better leaders and better coaches – I have seen amazing transformations with skills you can immediately apply in your professional and personal life. CoachQuest inspires action and drives bold accountability!
—Steven Bunger, CEO – Pro Box Portable Storage

If your company is looking for a way to jumpstart productivity or to revitalize the flow of communication, then you must absolutely work with Helanie. CoachQuest has such a tremendous amount of information to share and Helanie is an absolutely perfect fit to deliver it! I am a better coach for it.
—Michael Thomas, Executive Director, My Possibilities

Helanie, and her company, deliver some of the best communications and coaching training I’ve had the opportunity to see in over 20 years of military and civilian leadership. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Helanie to continue providing me with innovative training and coaching solutions.
—Eric Cowperthwaite, Information Security Executive

Helanie is an amazing coach to help develop leaders within any business organization. Her coaching skills can be applied in your personal life, as well. Awesome!
—Chris Miner, General Counsel, Mobile Mini Inc.


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