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Bring out the best in everyone in your workplace

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


Why do people do the things we do? What drives behavior at work and in life? Your leaders are expected to foster a culture of intrinsic motivation by focusing on the actions that will drive commitment.

In this half-day workshop we share our proprietary RAMPP model of motivation, founded on strong research. If you want your leaders to learn how to spark motivation and bring out the best in their teams, this session is perfect! The module will include a self-assessment to help leaders better understand what motivates them and how well they are currently doing at motivating others. Ready to RAMPP Up motivation?

Your leaders will:

  • Learn about the RAMPP model of motivation
  • Use the 5 drivers and 10 motives to prompt employees into action
  • Practice the key manager actions with a set of tools that motivate employees
  • Build a plan with practical steps to create a motivating culture
  • Commit to taking action at work


I feel much better prepared to motivate in a wide variety of ways. The tools are very helpful to put my learning into practice.


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