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Change is inevitable. How well do your leaders manage it?

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


Change initiatives often cost more, take longer and achieve less than originally intended. In this half-day workshop leaders will explore four conversations: 1) agree to the changing landscape they are facing 2) review the implications on the way people behave 3) align and agree to role-model the right change mindset and behaviors, and 4) agree on a set of practices for implementing a culture of change.

Your leaders will:

  • Understand and agree to the change challenges leaders are facing
  • Increase awareness of different ways of feeling, thinking, behaving and communicating
  • Agree where individual and collective improvement is needed
  • Develop actions for fostering a culture of change


This workshop was great to get our senior leadership team aligned around three important factors: WHY we all need to pay attention to how change impacts work and people, WHAT symptoms of change is showing up, and HOW we all can implement actions to move us forward.


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