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Create a workplace where everyone takes responsibility for results

Yes! I want my leaders to grow.


We all want to work in an environment where all our teammates perform well and deliver on their commitments. Such an environment requires accountability, which can only come from candid self-examination.

This half-day workshop will help your managers and employees think, behave, and communicate in way that keeps them accountable for their actions. The result — an accountable culture driven by conversations that are solutions-driven vs. excuse-driven.

Your leaders will:

  • Understand how accountability supports achieving results for the organization
  • Own how their internal voice decide to see the world and take or avoid accountability
  • Know why mindset matters and understand how to manage mindset
  • Switch their thoughts, behaviors and communication to demonstrate more accountability
  • Learn to build accountability habits
  • Follow steps to build accountable teams


This workshop made me realize how I can exhibit more accountability as well, drive greater accountability within my team. Thank you!


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