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helanie scott

Helanie Scott

Founder and CEO

Helanie’s tenacious spirit and passion for excellence make her unsurpassed as a change agent, transformation specialist, high performing team developer, and successful leadership coach. She is energetic and straightforward with the experience and commitment to deliver.

I can strongly recommend Helanie for her passion, perceptiveness, courage, and obviously for her impressive experience — she will make a difference!
—Niklas Heuveldop, Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President Technology & Emerging Business, Ericsson
aisling westerdijk

Aisling Westerdijk

A passionate and inspirational Neuro Leadership Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator & Personal Brand Strategist leveraging her 20 years’ experience working at a senior level to challenge and support leaders to be the absolute best.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly. She is dynamic, accomplished and efficient with great energy and enthusiasm. Aisling has a clear approach and breadth of knowledge.
—Natalia Miyar, Director, Atelier
Chew Eng Kim

Chew Eng Kim

Chew is passionate about helping individuals and teams develop themselves in response to challenges and complexities happening within organizations and the business environment. He delivers solutions that involves collaboration across boundaries with flexibility.

Chew as a knowledgeable leadership trainer and effective leadership coach to both me and my colleagues. I learned a lot from Chew but also received good pieces of advice from him.
—Ting LIU, VP HR, Volvo Financial Services
john hattam

John Hattam

John works with clients on-a-one and delivers training on negotiation, leadership and many other subjects. He derives huge satisfaction from helping individuals and teams arrive at “Eureka” moments. 

The session have been very valuable and I look forward to implementing some things into my daily working life. I also believe that what we’ve learned can be used within my personal life.

cash keahey

Cash Keahey

More than 20 years of diverse corporate experience leading people through mergers, re-orgs and culture change uniquely equip him to consult on people, strategy and execution and to advise leaders on getting results. Author of Eight LeaderTypes in the White House

A true cultivator of learning, he helps participants reflect and bring about realizations and insights relevant to their day-to-day work. He really brings the best out of all.
—Joselito Rivera, Global Program Director, Ericsson
celina ortega

Celina Ortega

Celina’s passion is dedicated to enhancing capacity, adapting to change and tapping into the inner potential of people. Twenty-plus years of experience in HR, development, and coaching, and as a Professor at University, gives her delivery a special touch of experiential “hands on” learning.

Celina always amazes me with her energy, positive attitude, sense of humor, creativity, engagement with a purpose and her professional dedication.
—Ricardo Cambraia, HR, Executive Americas
greg magennis

Greg Magennis

With more than 20 years of human resource, assessment, learning and development, and performance management experience with a diverse group of leading organizations, Greg bring professionalism, deep knowledge and an engaging style to working with leaders and teams. He is dedicated to inspire life-long learning.

Sought after to bring his talent, expertise and delivery to all departments. His expertise with corporate leadership and his influence in strength development is welcomed.
—Rome Colburn, HCS, Finance/Human Resources Director, Auto Class Direct
jesse mendez

Jesse Mendez

An energetic, persuasive, collaborative Senior Global Leader known for listening to his customers first and then solving with creative approaches and providing valuable insight, perspective, and direction to get results. Master facilitator, Talent Development Innovator, and coach.

A real benefit to have a trained professional facilitate topics of sensitive matters. He teases out the real issues and gave real results.
—A Shaw, Head of North American Business and Transactions Legal, McAfee
Manish Ghaneckar

Manish Ghaneckar

Manish brings an interesting combination of People and Practicality. His entrepreneurial perspective is founded on an unshakeable belief in people, supported by a deeply rooted understanding of organizational dynamics, operations and systems perspectives.

Manish has a strong personality who influences the situation and people strategically. He looks, shows and delivers strong messages through his excellent presentation bringing a change in culture.
—Ajay Ambewadikar, Country Management, HR, CNH Industrial
marion jaberg

Marion Jaberg

Marion’s winning personality, credibility, and integrity help learners apply what they’ve learned. She is flexible and creative and always leads participants from thinking to acting.

stuart pledger

Stuart Pledger

Stuart has consulting expertise for client assignments, workshop facilitation and speaking engagements. He excels at management strategies and the change leadership skills needed to drive growth.

sarah thompson

Sarah Thompson

An achievement orientated facilitator and coach with 25+ years consultancy, development and management experience in a variety of industries. Her breadth of experience and her warm and intuitive personality are a weighty combination in helping your business to succeed.

bob saggers

Bob Saggers

Proven track record of success in a wide variety of clients in the following areas: Assessing organizational capability, designing and facilitating leadership competency development programs, coaching and establishing systems to plan, monitor, and improve performance.

His client-focused approach and outstanding training helped increase employee satisfaction and retention. Bob knows how to make your business model more effective.
—Roger Korman, President and CEO, IMS Health Canada