Motivating Employees OLD

Motivating Employees

Why do we do the things we do? What drives our behavior at work and in life? As a leader, you are expected to foster a culture of intrinsic motivation by focusing on the actions you take within the RAMPP up model of motivation. If you want to learn how to spark motivation and bring out the best in your team, this session is for you! The module includes a self-assessment to help you better understand what motivates you and how well you are currently doing at motivating others.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Learn about the RAMPP model of motivation, using the 5 drivers and 10 motives that prompt your employees into action
  2. Practice using the key manager actions with a set of tools that motivate employees
    • Analyze and redesign a job to increase the motivating potential
    • Encourage lively debate
    • Understand the difference between checking in with and checking up on your employees
    • Tell a compelling vision story
    • Build robust Personal Development Plans for your team
    • Foster a sense of progress
    • Use the 5 key questions that foster motivation in employees
  3. Build a plan with practical steps to create a motivating culture
  4. Commit to taking action in your specific role at work

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