Mobilize Employees

Need an enterprise-wide learning solution aligned just for your organization?

Mobilize takes virtual learning to the next level with our custom-designed online modules to help you build leadership competence unique to you, set standards distinct in your environment, foster disciplines relevant to your vision and strategy, and share your best-practices enterprise-wide. No generic lessons, rather totally aligned leadership development to sustain your competitive advantage.


Virtual solutions are failing to activate your learners

Most virtual solutions offer off-the-shelf, standard programs in a broadcast medium that many consider either boring, outdated, or not relevant to them and their environment.


Custom e Learning content is designed to mobilize action

Align4Profit develops relevant, custom, short, carefully formatted, and captivating modules in a variety of media to engage, align, and enable leaders to mobilize action.

Why speak to us about our Mobilize virtual leadership development?

You want to:

  1. Tell a Story Share Best Practices or rally the troops around a change.
  2. Send A Message Deliver Corporate Communications in engaging, impactful ways.
  3. Teach a New Skill Get leaders to do something better quickly and worldwide.
  4. Convert a Lesson Turn your Instructor-led Classes into powerful, eLearning Modules.
  5. Require an Action Create instant coaching moments just before any talent management event.
  6. Align a Team Conduct team huddles to set standards and get everyone on the same page, quickly.

The Evolution of eLearning

High-performing, innovative organizations leverage technology to optimize leadership capabilities through enhanced knowledge, skills, and the right attitudes. They use a platform that delivers engaging and interactive media content to inform leaders of what is expected of them.

Off-the-Shelf eLearning misses the mark

  • Any information is power
  • Any learning works, anytime
  • Generic lessons are good enough
  • Use of boring tutorials
Custom eLearning is valued as

  • The right information is power
  • Learning delivered at the right time
  • Customized lessons relevant to your business
  • Use of engaging video

The most significant roadblock to efficiency is access to necessary information. You and your coworkers spend significant amounts of time and money trying to find the right information within a sea of off-the-shelf tools.

Mobilize Custom eLearning creates a highly tailored, easily accessible, streamlined repository of the right information to make the working day efficient for everyone.

We Mobilize and Enhance Learning

  1. Just for you Globally consistent message with best-practice sharing, customized per organization
  2. Just in time Learning at the point of need
  3. Just enough Bite-sized information for easy absorption
  4. Just right Relevant and cost-conscious development
  5. Just when wanted Multi-mode learning
    • as team alignment activity
    • as coaching moment
    • as review—24/7 access
  6. Just about anywhere Has mobile application

We always work with you in a fit-for-purpose way and highly recommend the following Mobilize process.

Our Content Customized or Your Content Tailored

The purpose of development is to provide leaders with a set of standards, principles and rules to guide their everyday behavior. Our full knowledge base with a variety of content options, as well as our experience in customizing virtual programs will address the pressing leadership issues you encounter.

Naturally our experienced curriculum designers can lightly modify or heavily tailor your existing content to make it more engaging as well.

This careful and exacting customization enables us to engage your learners with dart-like focus on relevant learning and improvement that will have a profound impact on leadership specific to your organization.

Team Huddles

Presenting your organization’s best practices as course material is one thing. Putting them into practice is quite another. To ensure adoption, our custom courses introduce Team Huddles to hold participants accountable. These team meetings enable you to rollout your program smoothly, consistently, and comprehensively across your organization.

Align4Profit creates broad and easy-to-use facilitation Leadership Toolkits, which guide your leaders, step-by-step, through the Team Huddle associated with each course module.

Toolbox Multi-Mode Learning Tools

Video + Materials + Discussion Templates + Reviews + Tracking

  • Video greatly enhances the quality of your message and the communication experience and delivers an aligned message to dispersed employees so that they receive the same message, in the same way, at the same time, and gain the same understanding
  • Crisp learner materials support all modules and help embed learning
  • Discussion Templates and interactive questions encourage participation
  • Reviews are quick and aid sustainability of message
  • Tracking makes it easy to manage performance and provides rich feedback to the organization

Every toolkit comes equipped with everything your leaders need to turn passive learning into an interactive team exercise: videos, instruction playbook, preparation, presentation roadmap, exercise templates, take-away cards, pre- and post- surveys, and more.

Task-Oriented Instructional Design

Much of the success of Mobilize eLearning comes from our commitment to task-oriented rather than topic-oriented instruction. Our curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

Mobilize eLearning Objectives

  • Align to your leadership models/framework and business objectives
  • Address the needs of your leaders and organization
  • Conform with your culture and cultural vision
  • Deliver the results you want to achieve
  • Facilitate activities to achieve outcomes
  • Enhance accountability to actions with a framework
  • Facilitate high involvement of all participants to drive ownership
  • Provide feedback data allowing you to adapt to needs in real time


  • Content at the time of need
  • Content that people can actually use through modeling
  • Tasks, actions and goals to achieve
  • Attitude/Behavior to exhibit
  • Skills to acquire
  • Knowledge to obtain
  • Content customized to move the needle
  • Content for knowledge sharing and best practices leveraged
  • Content that can be rapidly deployed
  • Content that is cost-justified with no travel
  • Content translated into multiple languages

We work in partnership with ej4 and Solomon People Solutions to bring you a triad of in-depth experience to realize your competitive advantage and mobilize your people for action.

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Enlist Your Organization

Mobilize eLearning from Align4Profit will instill and drive the consistent execution of your best practices cascading throughout your organization to help you attract, develop, and retain the very best talent.

For a closer look at how we will help you produce your video content, watch this video from our production partner ej4.