Engaging Teams

The Engaging Teams module will teach you how to get your teams to Say, Stay, and Strive.
Say: Speak positively about the organization to help attract top talent, drive customer service levels, and shape the brand. Stay: Have an intense sense of belonging and desire to be a part of the organization, improving retention and winning the war on high competence. Strive: The most compelling outcome from a business sense is to gain your employees’ discretionary effort toward success in their job, including their determination, energy, and effort above and beyond the minimum required.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand the impact of what employees think, say, and do when they are and are not engaged
  2. Review the day-to-day challenges of and appropriate solutions for engaging your team
  3. Learn how to allow employees to invest discretionary effort in organizational objectives
  4. Understand the 4 languages of appreciation
  5. Develop a recognition plan

In this workshop, you will receive 10 tools to help you engage your teams

Tell the Engagement Story: Set the stage Encourage New Ideas: Foster innovation
Prioritize Engagement Drivers: Actions to take Understand Employee Strengths/Engagement: Do what they do best
Conduct an Engagement Meeting: Gain your teams’ commitment Engage individual team members: Enable team members
Develop a Purpose Statement: Drive alignment Demonstrate Care: Three caring actions for managers
Establish Roles & Responsibilities: Clarify expectations Design a recognition plan: Languages of appreciation

Downloading Documents

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